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Artist - Woman - 60 years old
Hermeray (Ile-de-France), France

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Presentation of Sylvaine LAURENT

MargO painter, of my real name Sylvaine Laurent, I was born in Paris in 1959.The Life is my subject of preference to tell stories.The inspiration of a picture is either a spontaneous, immediate impulse, a way of showing, or a will to make a message pass.The technique, the media, the colors, the tools would lead to nothing without the feelings, the memories and the representations which impose upon the soul.The reality is never that affair of point of view.Since my earliest childhood the drawing imposed upon me. But it is the life which directed me at first to another career.In 2004 I made the decision to expose me to the eye of a professional and during 4 years I attended class in Olivier Mérijon's workshop (Versailles).In 2009, first personal exhibition(exposure) : approving glances consolidated me in my approach of artist to become there.I work on the oil paint, I incorporate it stickings, I scratch, I rub, I make dirty an uncontrollable compulsive need. I look for the accident, the one there who leaves a scar on the way of a life.After very representational period I evolve now towards something more introspective, through the moments of life of my contemporaries.


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