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Artist - Woman - 58 years old
Paris (Ile-de-France), France

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Presentation of Anouk ALBERTINI

Born in Nice in 1961, Anouk Albertini discovered sculpture only 15 years ago in Maurizio Toffoletti's sculpture studio. Strongly influenced by the purity and sobriety of lines, she invested all her energy into sculpting abstract equilibriums.

Her simple aesthetics are the result of her endless reflection of harmony. Based on this search for harmony, she touches upon a sense of fusion, union and affinity in her work.

Always striving for perfection, her approach is defined by deep sensitivity and ambition. She hammers away at stone and earth and then painstakingly attempts to magnify their uniqueness. All her emotions are reflected in her painting, drawing, sculpting and enamelling techniques... Each sculpture provides unique vibrations.

Her timeless Couples, Constructions and Assemblages lead us into mind-soothing contemplation and invite us to freedom- loving interpretation.


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